Lunch Talk- Uncovering Circulating factors linking prediabetes to diabetes

On the 7th of March, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ying Liu from the University of Health Network-Toronto General Research Institute, Canada presented a lunch talk entitled “Uncovering Circulating Factors Linking Prediabetes to Diabetes”.DSC_9653

According to Dr. Ying Liu, diabetes mellitus is a serious threat to humans because it does not only affect one organ in our body but also results in complications to multiple organs, including the brain, liver, and pancreas. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death globally. However, diabetes is a progressive disease, meaning we can still prevent it in its early stage.

Dr. Ying. Liu shared her study with cohorts from Canada and China, to discover novel metabolites that cause beta cell failure, which leads to diabetes. Her presentation contained graphs and data that visually explained the results of their five-year research. They found that 3-Carboxy-4-Methyl-5-Propyl-2-Furanopropanoic Acid (CMPF), a furan fatty acid metabolite, elevates in the plasma of humans with gestational diabetes (pregnant women), reduced glucose-tolerant, and Type 2 diabetes patients. CMPF is usually found in foods, such as fish and vegetables.

Their study provides further information to understand the progress of diabetes, and potential approaches to disease prevention.

You can find Dr. Ying Liu’s presentation here.

We want to thank Dr. Ying Liu for sharing with us her expertise especially the factors linking prediabetes to diabetes. We wish her good luck in her future research.


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