“The Discovery Artemisinin”

“The discovery of Artemisinin”
Invited Speaker : Professor Nicholas J White
Date : Thursday 17th December 2015
Time : 13.00 – 14.00 hr.
Place : 17th Floor, Rajanagarindra Building (Hospital for Tropical Diseases)

On December 17th 2015 , Professor Nicholas J White, from the Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit ( MORU) held an afternoon talk covering “The Discovery Artemisinin”.
Prof White’s talk was engaging, amusing and an excellent introduction to the sometimes complicated history of artemisinin. The talk told the story of malaria treatments from the very early days of ‘Jesuit’s Bark’ and tonics to the recent Nobel Prize.
While telling the story of the discovery of artemisinin, Prof White introduced interesting characters, rivalries and side-stories, including that of Manuel who patiently waited in an isolated group of cinchona trees for three years to collect seeds .
Through illustrations, personal recollections and historical data Prof White’s telling of the history of artemisinin was a captivating look at the people, controversies, politics, misunderstandings and places that influenced its discovery and involvement in the treatment of malaria.

Download: 17-12-15 Talk.Prof White
17 DEC

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