“Endocrine disruption and related mechanisms of personal care products”

On August 19,  Prof. Kyungho Choi from the School of Public Health, Seoul National University, conducted a lunch talk about Endocrine disruption of personal care products and related mechanisms.

Prof. Choi is an environmental toxicologist interested in investigating the link between chemicals and adverse health effect using observational studies in human populations, as well as laboratory toxicological studies using cell lines.

His talk focused on three case studies that his lab has been and are currently investigating: (1) the disruption and reproduction effects of benzophenone 3, a chemical commonly found I sunscreen, (2) the disruption on thyroid hormone by alternative flame retardants, and (3) epidemiological observations on thyroid hormone disruption by consumer chemicals.

This was a very interesting talk and there is significant scope for collaborations between FTM researchers and Prof. Choi’s group, and the Faculty of Tropical Medicine would like to thank Prof. Choi for his visit, and for an excellent presentation.

Download: presentationv2.4(Lunch Talk 19 Aug 2015)

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