“Investigations of helminth kinomes – from understanding parasite biology to drug discovery”

Research Lunch Talk

Topic : “Investigations of helminth kinomes – from understanding parasite biology to drug discovery”

Speaker : Andreas Stroehlein, University of Melbourne

Date & Time : Friday 10 July 2558 , 11.00 – 12.00 hr

Location : 5th Floor, Chalermprakiat Building, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University


On 10 July, the Faculty hosted another Lunch Talk, and the speaker was Andreas Stroehlein, from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Andreas is a parasitologist, currently working on his PhD thesis investigating the role of helminth kinomes, and he presented his work in a talk entitled “Investigations of Helminth Kinomes – Parasite Biology to Drug Discovery”.

The goal of his project is to define parasite kinases as suitable drug targets, and predict effective compounds that inhibit these kinases and lead to the distribution of molecular pathways that are essential for parasite survival and growth. By repurposing existing human kinase inhibitors for use against parasites, he aims to bypass some of the early stages of the drug discovery process, and reduce the time and cost of developing a drug.

This is a fascinating approach, and the Faculty of Tropical Medicine would like to thank Andreas Stroehlein for a very interesting talk, and wish him the best of luck with his project.

Download 10.7.2015Mahidol_07_2015_AJ_Stroehlein

Narrator : Glad Rotaru

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