“What’s new in HIV Vaccines?”

On HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, Monday, May 18,  the Faculty organised a special symposium on HIV Vaccine development entitled ‘What’s new in HIV Vaccines?’. The proceedings were opened by Dean Prof. Yaowalark Sukthana, and moderated by the head of the Faculty’s Vaccine Trial Center, Prof. Punnee Pitisutthitum, who also spoke about the current trends in HIV Vaccine R&D.

The panel consisted of four distinguished HIV Vaccine experts who are at the forefront of HIV Vaccine development in Thailand, and who discussed their research and the current state of the field; Dr. Nakorn Premsri and Dr. Supachai Rerks-ngarm, from the Thai Ministry of Public Health, and Dr. Sorachai Nitayaphan,  and Dr. Robert O’Connel, from AFRIMS.

The symposium addressed the current state of HIV epidemiology, and vaccine candidates, such as the extended sub-study of the efficacy trial of the ALVAC Prime and AIDSVAX boost, and potential future directions, including the use of adjuvant and vector based HIV vaccines.

The symposium was very well-attended, with excellent presentations, and the Faculty would like to thank all speakers and attendees for their participation in this special symposium.

18 May 2015, 09.00-12.00 hr.

5th Floor, Chalermprakiat 50 years building

    Topic        Speaker
Welcome and opening remarks Dean, Prof.Yaowalark Sukthana
HIV Epidemiology Dr.Nakorn Premsri
HIV Vaccine R&D: What’s new? Prof.Punnee Pitisuttithum
Extension sub-study of efficacy trial of ALVAC Prime and AIDSVAX Boost Dr.Supachai Rerks-ngarm
Vaccine Concepts & Designs: vector based HIV Vaccine Dr.Sorachai Nitayaphan
Vaccine Concepts & Designs: adjuvant HIV Vaccine Dr.Robert O’Connell
Panel discussion: Challenges in HIV Vaccine R&D All speakers

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